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Canada is one of the fastest-growing economies and offers abundant opportunities for people around the globe. Canadian organizations hire thousands of people each year to fill vacant positions in the country’s workforce.

Types of work permits in Canada

Post-Graduation Open Work Permit

Students abroad who have completed post-secondary education in Canada can apply for a Post Graduate Working (PGW) Permit. An Open Work Permit allows them to work in any job they choose.
Certain conditions must be complied with to be eligible for PGW:

Spousal Open Work Permit

Spouses/common-law partners of International Students, Temporary Foreign Workers, and Spouse/common-law partners sponsored for Permanent Residence by an Inland Spousal Application in Canada may be eligible for an open work permit.

Labor Market Impact Assessment

Canadian employers must prove that no Canadian permanent resident or Canadian worker is available to do the job. Thus, essentially a foreign worker is required. Before hiring foreign workers, employers must apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment.

International Exchange Programs

The IEC program is designed to temporarily allow young people to come to Canada for work. People from foreign countries with bilateral youth mobility arrangements with Canada are eligible for IED permits (ages 18 to 35).

The IEC Program Consists of Three Sections:

  • Work Holiday.
  • Young Professionals.
  • International Co-op

Global Talent Stream

Global Talent Stream allows employers to apply for work permits and receive expedited processing times of 2 weeks. It is precisely for employers experiencing high growth in their IT departments. This program is created to help companies bring in foreign workers quickly to Canada to meet their growing needs.

Transfers Within-Company

LMIA exemptions for intra-company transferees can be granted to temporarily allow them to move to Canada. The transferee must be a manager, executive, or specialist knowledge worker and work for a Canadian company with a qualifying relationship with the company in Canada.

International Agreements

Canada is part of several international agreements allowing foreign workers to enter. These agreements provide Canada with significant benefits and do not require LMIA. It is the case with the North American Free Trade Agreement, Canada-Chile FTA, and Canada-Peru FTA.

Many foreign nationals are attracted to Canada because of its employment opportunities. Experienced consultant at Aarambh Canadian Immigration are familiar with the conditions for obtaining an approved work permit, whether inside Canada or out.

For information on working in Canada and assistance with applying for a Work Permit.
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