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Atlantic Immigration Program is a fast-track program that permits Canadian employers operating in four Atlantic provinces – Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island — to recruit foreign workers for jobs that they aren’t able to source locally.


The program permits designated local employers to find the best talent worldwide. It also aims to facilitate the population’s growth, form a skilled workforce, and increase the number of jobs in the region.

The program is part of the global Atlantic Growth Strategy that is focused on five areas as a priority:

  • Immigration and skilled workforce.
  • Innovation.
  • Climate change and clean growth.
  • Investment and trade.
  • Infrastructure.
The Atlantic Immigration Program is an employer-driven initiative that facilitates hiring foreign workers. Every applicant accepted into Canada through the program has to be offered a job by an employer designated by the program. These applicants have an individual settlement plan tailored to them and their families. When a designated employer identifies an applicant who matches their needs for employment and the program’s requirements, they must first give them an employment opportunity. Employers are not required to get a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) in this program, thus making a hassle-free recruitment process for employers. After the candidate has accepted the position, the employer will link the applicant to a designated settlement service provider to conduct a needs assessment and create a settlement strategy. Employers will also help with the long-term integration of the immigrants and their family members, if appropriate, to achieve the objectives in their plan for settlement when they are in Canada. Employers who need to fill an opening quickly can apply for an interim work permit to ensure that the applicant and their family members can move to Canada whenever possible.

To get the work license, the candidates require the following:

  • An offer of employment that is valid.
  • The province has sent a letter.
  • An obligation to file a permanent residency within 90 days from an application for a temporary worker’s permit.
  • Employers wishing to recruit skilled immigrants under the program must apply for the province(s) to grant designation. Employers with multiple locations in provinces will need to apply for a distinct designation for every province. Employers must fulfill specific requirements, which include a commitment to assist the newcomer and their family members as they settle into their new lives in Atlantic Canada.
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